What are people saying?

Kristi Toguchi
"Aloha!  My name is
Kristi Toguchi and I am
professional circus
artist based in Las
Vegas, Nevada.
Otgo Waller is a contortion master and
she is an expert at teaching people how to increase their flexibility at any level.  When I began to train with Otgo, I had never had someone stretch me out the way she did.  It felt amazing, and in a short period of time my flexibility and strength really started to increase.  Otgo’s stretching techniques are very unique and I believe that it has led me to become more flexible than I have ever been in my life.  


I give my highest recommendation to my coach, Otgo Waller and her Flexible body art technique.  I feel so honored to call her my coach and I know you will too.  It is an amazing experience to learn from the best!"

Sofia Venanzetti-Lepow
"I've been training
with Otgo since
November 2012
and because of her
experience with all
type of students
ages, goals) I was able to
receive a personalized training and achieve results I would have never expected starting at the late age of 27.
Knowing that adults need a total different approach from children, Otgo is able to unlock the adult body's abilities like none else have done before. Under her rigorous but careful and safe technique, she gives everyone the chance to become flexible and experience unbelievable improvement.
One of her greatest innovation was including the fitness ball into her training method. The ball offers a very safe and gentle support when trying to attempt deep stretches like cheststand or any backbend that needs assistance. It helps relaxing into passive stretches or supporting the lower body while actively opening the upper back and it really helped to improve my flexibility on days I was training on my own.
With more than 30 years of experience as top contortionist and coach, Otgo has helped many students (from beginner to advanced) by creating a series of specific exercises to warm up, deepen range of motion of shoulders, spine and hips with just the help of a mat, a yoga block and the Fitness Ball, which is truly the newest and biggest addition to flexibility training !"
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Kanako Kitao

"I was a competitive synchronized swimmer in Japan until I was 23 years old. After

competing in the

Olympics and the


championships, I

joined Cirque du

Soleil as a performer. That is where I saw a beautiful and amazing performance called contortion. I was not flexible like the contortionist I saw but, I could not help myself.  I had to ask a coach to train me in the art of contortion but, the coaches I asked told me that it was too late to start training at 24-years of age.  


I have always stretched before and after a show performance and I have been feeling my body getting stiffer with age. I was hit in a car accident which made my back and neck very stiff. After rehabilitation, my back wasn't the same even though there was nothing medically wrong.  I then got idea to training in contortion would help my back and neck.


I started training with Otgo when I was 30 years old and she never told me I was too old to start.  I really appreciated that Otgo gave me the chance to believe in myself. Training with Otgo wasn't easy the first 3 month but, I was very comfortable following her exercises because of here skill as a contortionist and coach.


After 3 months, my stiffness was gone.  My back and neck became more flexible then ever before and I believe it is due to the exercises for my improved condition.


I grew to understand the most important thing in her training method, is how much you can relax your body(muscle) during stretching. Her exercises using the ball that she created are specific for her method. The ball gives you great support for the spine and helps your muscles relax. These creative exercises makes your body flexibility nearly unlimited.  Also, you can use it anytime on your own for a warm up."

Torrie Patrice Clontz
"I came to Otgo with an old back injury that had a lot of scar tissue. Incorporating the ball into traditional contortion stretches
such as chin stand
along with new
exercises such as the
back bend wall stretch,
helped me to release my
scar tissue and increase
my mobility without
any pain. I also have
very long legs. I use the ball to take added pressure off of my lower back so that I can stretch deeper without any pain."
Shannon Xhola
"Otgo’s ball method is brilliant! I have seen a huge difference in my flexibility in the past three months. The ball allows you to have support as your body rests in new and challenging
positions. It is like
having your own
personal assistant,
which is so helpful
when you want to
practice by yourself.
She has created
inventive ways of using it, so that you can target different parts of your body into a deeper stretch.I love it!"
Liz Brown
"I have been training off and on with Otgo for many years. I am active in weight training and was recovering from a back injury. Needless to say, my back had become very stiff. When the ball was incorporated into my training, I experienced an increase of flexibility in all areas of my back. The use of the ball enables me to stretch my back in ways that; previously, I was unable to achieve in my daily practice. I credit my rapid results to the use of the ball. It is a great tool that I will continue to use as my flexibility increases!"